The Endoscopy camera 1150 is a low-cost ultra-high sensitive endoscopy camera.With the latest CCD technology,the 1150 camera provides two times higher sensitivity compared to conventional CCD cameras.This substantially reduces the requirements to the light source.The camera incorporates a 10 bit digital image processor which offers superior colour rendition and high dynamic range.The excellent price-benefit ratio makes the 1150 an ideal camera for portable endoscopy use.

  • Digital anti -moire function :The digital anti-moire function can reduce the Moire effects when using the camera with afiber endoscope.
  • On screen display : 1150 camera equipsa simple on-screen display (OSD), and thus gives the user feedback during camera adjustment.
  • Water-proof camera head : The soakable camera head is suitable for most of sterilization procedures,such as fully immersible in cleaning and disinfectant solution,STERRAD,STERIS,and ETO etc.
  • Convenient control panel : Two control buttons on the front panel of the control unit optimally reduce the complexity of use.With the backlight of control buttons,the control function can be easily accessible even in avery dark room,for instance,and operation room.

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