Horizontal cylindrical Electrically operated at 440 volts.A.C 2 phase , 50 cycles . The sterilizer is pressure type steam jacked, made from 304 quality stainless steel. All joins are argon arc welded. Fitted with multiport operating valve, sterilizing vacuum drier , safety valve in jacket (spring) , vacuum breaker pressure gauge ., compound gauge, dial thermometer , performed tray, plug screen , steam trap and neoprene rubber gasket working pressure 20lbs p.s.i . and temperature range 2500 F , The door made of  gun metal and covered with stainless steel lining and have automatic self locking device. The outside will be well insulated. The boiler which is to be fitted bellow will be made of corrosion resistant 304 quality stainless steel it will be fitted with immersion heaters low water protection device , pressure controller , a contractor and toggle switch.

SIZE : The Sterilizer is mounted on tublar mild steel frame with ground leveling flangers.

E. Load

16” * 36”  6.0 K. W

16” *48”  9.0 K.W

20” * 48” 12 K.W

30” * 48” 18 K.W

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