• electrosurgical and vessel sealing is a specialist  system developed by pearl endoskope for minimal access and open surgery.this technology can facilitate a range of stay for patients in hospital .veins or a bundle of tissue.


PURE CUT-A HIGH -frequency alternating current yields smoth,rapid cuts that evoke little to know .

blend 1-preset blended cut modes give the surgeon varying degrees of hemostasis in cut mode.

blend 2-the mode is used for vaporization of prostatic tissue or any fat tissue.the higher output wattage gives fast cutting effect of the tissue.

endo cut-the mode is used to automatically controlled cut system to reduce the complication rate of endoscopic sphincterotomy (est)and serum hyperamylasemia after est compared to the conventional blended cut mode.

coag mode

spray-spray output is made for direct coagulation at the tissue with spark.above spark does not give any cutting effect as its crest factor is high.

forcce-this mode is greater degree of homeostasis and cover all demands of standards coagulation. to cauterize large surface areas quickly when required.

fulgarate-sparking the tissue to lead to coagulation . to the tissue in between.

desicate-coagulation in which the active electrode is in direct contact with the tissue is referred to as desiccation and is the type,destruction of peripheral tissue.

Bipolab & seal

Bi-coag-for highly precise control over coagulation process and privation of carbonization.

Bi-cut-bipolar cut technology lets you nearly eliminate excessive current,even during precision cutting in minute tissue structure.

auto-coagulation start by prossing the footswitch and stops output and audio signal automatically when the tissue is coagulated.

Seal-mode provides unique combination of pressure & energy to create vessel fussion,leaving no foreign material behind.

1.99 user settable program mode.

2.frequency:480 khz.

3.display:7 segment led.

4.weight:7.5 kg(approx)


6.input supply voltage 230v(+/-15%)50hz

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