chice of configuration 

avia 1000 is available with or without the attached air/o2 blender.allows user to set the oxygen concentration between 21 to 100%

standard model has inbuild air and oxygen flowmeter and flow levels can be set on colour tft display

range of modes and alarms

using the colour touch screen display.user can set the appropriate pressure limited ventilator mode:assist control, simv,cpap or cmv.

available settable parameters includu pip,peep,air flow,o2 flow,trigger level,apnea,alarms

ideal ventilator for primary nicu care

this ventilator has been developed as a basic ventilator for the needs of primary nursery

operating modes

it has following operating modes:



respiratory rate-adjustable in the range 3-300 cycles/min

inspiratory flow:0.2 to2.0 secs

expiratory flow:0.2 to2.0 secs

pip-0 to 80 cmh2o

peep-0 to 20 cmh2o

air flow-0 to 20 ipm

oxygen flow-0 to 20 ipm


trigger mechanism-pressure (-3 to 17 cmh2o)

monitored parameters:

mode,pip,peep,mip,map,insp.time,exp,time,rate,trigger level,simv ratio i/e ratio,apnea time,pressure trigger


color touch screen tft display with pressure time curves and easy to use interface

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