Oxygen Single Stage Regulators are the general purpose single stage regulator recommended in handling inert as well as non-corrosive gas applications. These are especially used in applications that do not require precise control of delivery pressure where these perfectly perform the functioning of providing oxygen therapy. Further, the regulator also comes with factory preset fixed static outlet pressure comprising 4.2 Kg/Sq.cm (60 lbs/sqin) as well as provision of safety valve that provides for safe usage. 


  • Precision design based Oxygen Single Stage Regulators
  • Regulators recommended for inert as well as non-corrosive gas applications
  • Suited where precise control of delivery pressure is not necessary
  • Used for providing optimum standards in oxygen therapy
  • Regulators featuring factory preset fixed static outlet pressure of approx. 4.2 Kg/Sq.cm (60 lbs/sqin)
  • Also comes fitted with safety valve
  • Upon setting of flowrate, regulator automatically maintains constant flow rate irrespective of changing cylinder content volume
  • In case of blockage of oxygen line distal, regulator automatically prevents buildup of excessive pressure in apparatus and tubing
  • Pressure gauge provided for indicating cylinder contents

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