Cvent- 1200T advance intensive care ventilator with state of art Swiss made CMOSens flow sensing technology for Adult – Pediatric- neonatal (Tidal voloum from 2ml to 2000ml)

                      Swiss made fixed  maintanance –b free reusable flow sensor with CMOSens technology for fastest sensing & accurate flow delivery .

                      Auoto self testing and no need routine calibration of flow sensor

                       Easy to use interface design, 12.1” colour TFT display with touch- screen

                       Simultaneously display of three Waveforms & three Loops

                       Multi level mechanism for patient safety with intelligent high alert  alarming system,

                       Hence incrase safety of operation.

Powerful monitoring functions 

                      Lung meechanice parameters

                        Up to 1500 alarm events review, 720- hours numarical & graphical trend  review, Saved

                         Loops, 10- hours breath to breath waveform review.


                 Inspiratory hold & Expiratory hold , Manual breath, 100% O2 flushing, Nebulization with

                 Tidal volume compensation(1-30 min)

 Tools (optional)

                              PV tools , MIP ,PO. 1, anti condensation heated exhalation system with auoto sterillization can (Make ICU infection free), Auoto- claveable at 134 degree can use safely and prevent cross infection, low maintanance cost , easily removable , troeble free active exhalation valve, Lowest in class bias flow 2.0 lpm, Low O2 concumption , Automatic Tube & leakage compensation technology, Air coppressor driven technology  which makes more accurate in spontaaneous delivery, Future upgradable to main stream Capnography (Et CO2) & pulse Oximetry(sop2)




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