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Miraz 48

Miraz 48

Single Dome LED OT Light


Technical Data:

Numbers Of LEDs: 48

Intensity: 1,60,000lux Colour

Temperature: 3800-4800k Spot

Diameter: 150-200 Mm Coloured

Rendering Index: 95ra Depth Of Light

Penetration: 120 Mm

Diameter Of Light: 700 Mm

Focusing: Adjustable

Shadowless Feature: Yes

Intensity Cobntoll 10~100 Digital Capacitive Feather

Touch (Fully Remote Controlled)

Led Average Life : >50000 Hrs. Fitting

Option Available: Ceiling 180 Degree, Celling 360 Degree

Power Supply: 220 Volt / 50hz Ac Power

Consumption: 100 Watt

Optional Special Features: Battery Backup


Also Available: Duble Dome

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