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SS - 504EX

SS - 504EX

Lithotomy Stirrups

This type of leg frame is a new type of leg support device. Its appearance is satisfied. mordan medical requirements for surgical positions have reduced the work intensity of medical staff.

  • At the same time. The operation risk of medical staff has been reduced. Good application. The patient has also been well protected, reducing the two injury. The pneumatic leg is designed to divide the leg and popliteal pressure. Art of the force and heel part, part of the force and buttocks, soft lining. Quality mat. The design of the wing can provide certain support for the knee to prevent knee valgus. An injury to the medial thigh muscles.
  • The pneumatic assist is suitable for department of urology operation, Lithotomy position, obstetrics and Gynecology , endoscopic surgery, direct anorectal surgery and so on.

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