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Benefits of Dialog+ Therapy individualization

  • Flexible combination of treatment profiles for successful therapeutic short outcomes
  • Individual adjustment to various therapy conditions
  • 15'' touch screen with iconographic interface Includes the followings
    • Heparin bolus
    • Stand-by mode
    • Online help function
    • Blood pressure measurement
    • Single -needle mode
    • Arterial bolus
    • Reminder function

Six Different Treatment Profiles

  • Ultrafiltration profile: Adjusts fluid removal in the Patient individually and variably
  • Sodium profile: Stabilizes electrolyte levels
  • Bicarbonate profile: Adjustment for acid-base balance
  • Heparin profile : Individually adjusted for the coagulation and bleeding situation
  • DF flow profile: Reduces use of concentrate, water,and energy for a more efficient treatment
  • Temperature profile:Prevents hypotensive episodes by stabilizingbody temperature

Benefits of Dialog+ Usability

  • Self-explanatory and intuitive software provides easy and smart operation
  • Smart functions like reminder and arterial bolus
  • Ergonomic arrangement of machine components
  • Short preparation and disinfection times
  • Short preparation and Disinfection Time Simplified management


  • High Mean time before failure
  • Robust Assemble and Technology
  • Application of High Technical Standards by consistent global processes

Cost Effectiveness

  • Efficient consumption of resources in treatment
  • Dialysis fluid filter lasting 150 treatments of 900 hours
  • Stand-by Mode reducing dialysate flow to 0ml/min before connecting the patient possibility to use standard bloodines concentrates for maximum customer flexibility

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