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Evo Lite

Evo Lite


Dialog+ SW 9.xx (Evo Light)

Technical Specifications :

Special Features : Colour monitor, TFT Display, 15", Touch screen for easy handling, Optical Status light clearly indicates the treatment status.

Water Supply:

Water inlet pressure: 0.5 to 6.0 bar

Water inlet temperature: 10°C  - 30°C

Max. drain height : 80cm

Electrical Data

Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz

Current consumption : Max. 11 A

Rating: 2500 VA

Extracorporeal circuit

Arterial pressure monitoring

Display range: -400 to +400 mm Hg'

Accuracy : ± 10mm Hg

Venous pressure monitoring

Working range: 20 to + 390 mm Hg

Accuracy : ± 10mm Hg

Transmembrane pressure monitoring

Display range: 0 to +700 mm Hg'

Arterial blood pump

Blood flow range: 50 to 600 ml/min

Accuracy: ± 10%

Safety Air Detector: Ultrasound measurement in the tube

Heparin pump

Profile : To be Available

Delivery range: 0.1 to 10 ml/hr, Heparin delivered volume to be displayed on the screen

Bolus rate: 600 ml/h

Syringe size: 10,20 & 30 ml

Dialysis fluid circuit

Dialysate flow profile: To be Available

Dialysis fluid flow range

Dialysate flow range: 300 - 800 ml/min, with 1 ml/min increment

Tolerance: ± 5%

Dialysis fluid temperature

Temperature profile: To be Available

Selectable: +33°C   to +40°C

Bicarbonate Conductivity

Profile available: To be Available

Range: 4.0 to 7.0 mS/cm

Accuracy: ± 0.2 mS/cm

Dialysis fluid conductivity

Profile available : To be Available

Range : 12.5 to 16.0 mS/cm

Accuracy : ± 0.2 mS/cm


UF profile: Flexible, user definable to be  available

UF rate: 0 to 4 Litres / Hr

Accuracy: 0.2 ml per chamber cycle, UP pump tolerance <1%

Allowed dialyser UF factor: Unlimited

Parameters displayed: UF goal, UF time, UF rate, UF volume

6 Profiles: Profile for Sodium, Bicarbonate, Heparin, Ultrafiltration, Dialysate Temperature & Dialysate flow

Kt/V monitoring: To be Available

Single needle dialysis : Possible with Single pump click clack method

Battery backup: Minimum 15 min, for Monitor, Arterial, venous pressure monitoring, Blood pump & SAD

Heat Exchanger: Integrated (Used used warm the incoming water hence reduces power consumption)

Absolute theraphy end time setting: Can set theraphy end time by entering absolute time

Standby mode : Reducing to 0 ml/min the consumption of dialysate

Timer function: Allowing the user to set up reminders and to-do tasks

Blood leak detector

Type : Optical, colour specific

Sensitivity: > 0.50 ml/min (HCT 45%) > 0.35 ml/min (HCT 25%)

Alarms: Audio and Visual alarms for Blood pump stop, Blood leak, Safety air detector, Conductivity, Temperature, Dialysate flow, By pass, disinfetion canister empty, TMP alarm, Concentrate can empty alarm, air leak alarm

Disinfection and cleaning


Temperature/flow: 40°C/ 1400 ml/min

Thermal disinfection

Temperature/flow: Automatic running of program at approx. 85°C/ 1400 ml/min

Chemical disinfection: Citric acid 50%

Temperature/flow: Automatic running of program at approx. 85°C/ 1400 ml/min

Quality standard: CE and FDA approved

Terms & Conditions:

GST: 5% Extra as actual as per HSN code.

Validity: This offer is valid for 30daysfromthe quotation date.


  • 12 (Twelve) months from the date of installation against any manufacturing defector technical failure at our site.
  • Warranty excludes perishable components,consumables,disposables and parts subject to normal wear and tear like rubber parts, plastic, bulbs, etc.

Order: Favoring “S I Surgical Corporation.


  • 100% advance.
  • Cheque (at par at Kolkata) Demand Draft(payable at Kolkata) favoring of SI Surgical Corporation.

Delivery charge: Extra as actual.

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