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Hi-Speed Morcellator

Hi-Speed Morcellator

Hi-Speed Morcellator

Laparoscopic Morcellator is a small handy device, integrated with rotating blades that break large tissues into small fragments during laparoscopic surgery. The small fragments of tissues are then vacuumed out of the body.

With this device, the surgeon makes a small incision of fewer than 2 centimeters to remove fibroids and other tissues. These small incisions ensure less post-operative pain, quick patient recovery, and few wound complications.


  1. Small and handy devices
  2. Can break large tissues
  3. Rotating blades
  4. Ensure quick patient recovery


  1. Hysterectomy
  2. Laparoscopic surgery
  3. Myomectomy

Technical Specifications

Diameters: 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm

Material: Stainless steel

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