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SIS 2020A

SIS 2020A

Horizontal HPHV Fully Automatic Double Door Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer

20” x 48” (250 litre/ 4 drum capacity)


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SI Surgical is an ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, WHO-GMP and CE Certified Company. We are sending you herewith an offer for Horizontal HPHV Fully Automatic Cylindrical Autoclave, with all the technical specifications and terms as per our normal supply. Please go through the same and call/mail us for any clarifications or explanations that you need.


Please note since it is mandatory to have pulsing and drying in the steam cycle now, even all our small cylindrical autoclaves come with a standard automation package. The hardware is a Microprocessor / PLC and it is accompanied by software, which shall be installed in any PC at the client’s place.


Monitoring, controlling, and viewing of on-line parameters by the supervisor / administrator who is viewing only the computer is thus possible. The operator only has to load the machine and press start from the panel on the machine. He too can view all the various parameters like time, temperature, pressure, instrument status, current phase etc. on the panel.


The most important feature of the automation is the reporting. Reports in three formats: (1) Detailed data (2) Single page cycle-summary reports are available for printing as and when required and are automatically stored digitally. This ensures that they record can be stored in a CD or any other digital mode for future reference.

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Benefit of Automatic Autoclave Machine over Manual Autoclave Machine

In an automated Autoclave, the microprocessor controls all the processes involved in sterilization. It is also provided with a vacuum pump.

Vacuum Pump

A Water ring vacuum pump is provided with all our Automatic autoclave for following reasons


  1. Pre vacuum: Before exposure of steam, the vacuum pump (available only in automatic system) creates vacuum through pulsing process (filling of vacuum with dry steam), thus removing the bio burden from the chamber and increasing the sterilization potency of the process.
  2. Post vacuum: The vacuum pump removes the residual moisture after steam exposure from the chamber at the end of sterilization cycle to enhance the dryness of resultant load.

Advantages of PLC Automation


A Programmable Logic controller, PLC or Programmable Controller is a digital computer used for automation of electro- mechanical processes, such as control of machinery.


  1. Pre-Programmed cycles: Sterilization of varied equipment’s like gloves, linen, gauze, cotton, instruments, glassware etc. using standard 121°C & 134°C which are preprogrammed in the PLC/ Microprocessor The system includes the following pre-programmed cycles; additionally, unlimited number of user defined cycles can also be programmed into the memory of the system:


    • H.P.H.V. Cycle
    • Bowie & Dick test program
    • Terminal Cycle
    • Leak Test Cycle


Control: During sterilization, PLC controls the temperature, moisture, valve control, and all

                                          critical time and pressure-based parameters.

Temperature is maintained uniformly & accurately (± 0.5°C). Continuous display of temperature, pressure, and humidity on-line allows the user to be aware of cycle status at all times.

Reports: Due to the advanced software, reports are saved in Data, Summary & Graph formats for every batch of goods sterilized.

Print: User can re-print reports as and when required using any printer. Digital data cuts cost & space, ensures safety of data, and negates the cost of expensive thermal printer.

HMI: The operator can run machine through HMI (Human Machine Interface). He can also change the programs according to the Hospitals suitability.

Security: Advanced multi-level password protection enhances security. This avoids unauthorized access.



Size: 500mm (Ø) X 1200mm (L) Or (20” X 48”) (250 Liters/ 4 Drum Capacity)

Chamber: SS 316L Thickness: 5mm

Jacket: SS 304L Thickness: -4mm

Door: SS 316L Thickness: 16mm plates on contact & non-contact Sides

Hinge: SS

Central Locking parts: CI Casting, Wrinkle-black painted

Shooting Bolts: Tempered, Chrome coated

Outer Insulation: SS 304

Operating Pressure: 2.5kg/cm2

Hydraulic Test Pressure: 4.0kg/cm2

Operating Temperature: 121 / 134°C / Bowie – dick Cycle

Stand: MS pipe

Operation: Auto/Manual

Steam Generator: SS 304 L (40 Liter)

Heating: 2 Industrial immersion heaters of 9Kw each

Vacuum Pump: 1H.P. Make: Kirloskar

Other accessories: Steam trap, pressure switch, float switch, Temp Sensor, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Gauge, Temp Gauge, non-return valve, Rotex solenoid valves, Vacuum Pump etc.

Steam Trap: Forbes Marshall

Pressure switch: Danfos

Pressure Transmitter: Honeywell

Pressure Gauge: Baumer

Temperature Gauge: Baumer

solenoid valves: Rotex /SMC




  • PLC Make: Cautoni
  • HMI Make: Cautoni, 7” Digital Display

Process Reports With Printer: Reports are generated by the software for each and every cycle in Detailed Report

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