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SIS 2000 E

SIS 2000 E

ICU Electro Mechanical Bed


Position Of The ICU Bed:

  • Back rest.
  • Upper leg/Knee rest.
  • Height Up & Down.
  • Trendelenburg.
  • Reverse Trendelenburg.
  • One key auto CPR.
  • One key Cardiac chair positions


  • Material for the frame of bed- MS.
  • Material for side railing- ABS plastic.
  • Material for Head & Foot Panel- ABS plastic.
  • Material for Bed top Section is ABS Plastic.
  • Material of wheels are Polyester made.
  • Material for IV rod with SS chromium plated.
  • Material for ICU Bed Mattress - PU foam.

Maximum Degree

  • Maximum Adjustable Back Rest Angle-  0 to 70 degree.
  • Maximum Adjustable Knee Rest Angle- 0 to 25 degree.
  • Maximum Trendelenburg Angle- 12 degree.
  • Maximum Reverse Trendelenburg Angle- 12 degree.

Diameter of ICU Bed

  • Length of bed- 2100mm.
  • Width of bed- 1000mm.
  • Bed height adjustability range-  450-900mm.
  • Diameter of Castor Roller- 125mm.
  • Type of ICU Bed Actuator : Electro-Mechanical.
  • Type of mechanism for functioning or controlling angular motion of bed part Actuator: Electro-Mechanical.
  • Type of mechanism for functioning or controlling Height of bed: Electro-Mechanical.
  • Bed are top perforated with radio  translucent top for all the sections.
ICU Bed have The Followings
  • Swing up down type side panel.
  • Number of Side panel.
  • D-type Head & Foot panel.
  • Swing up down type Head & foot Panel.
  • Number of hooks provided in IV rod should- 2.
  • Should have Availability of rectangular telescopic tube box  housing for tension spring.
  • X-Ray film holder used from one side.
  • Power of motor: 0.5hp.
  • Number of caster to which braking system- 2 wheels.
  • Safe working load capacity of ICU bed is 200 kg.
  • Therapeutic Weight limit for mattress and patient load bearing  capacity is 175 kg.
  • Over current breaker is fitted for  protection.
  • Should have Electric Shock Protection of class 1 (type-B) as per  IEC.
  • Ingress Protection (IP)from dust and water.
  • Bed height adjustment range is 500-900mm.
  • Clearance between Bed Base frame and Floor surface- 150mm.

Power Supply

  • Single phase 230 Volt, 50 Hz (AC Supply)fitted with  Indian plug of suitable rating.
  • Warranty: 3years of comprehensive manufacturer warranty  from the date of installation excluding consumable parts.

Accessories To be Supplied

  • MS Powder coated urine Bag Holder - 1no.
  • Chart Holder - 1 no.
  • Hand Sanitizer holder: 1No.
  • MS powder coated Oxygen cage cylinder cage - 1no.
  • Four section X-ray translucent mattress with cover and   4" thick high quality foam.


  • Mattress be provided with each ICU bed.
  • Mattress are made of High resilient & bio-density foam.
  • Mattress are translucent to allow radiography using portable  X-ray machines.
  • Mattress with cube cut design & independent cubes promote air flow to reduce moisture.
  • The ICU mattress are in 4 section quality X-ray radio translucent  foam mattress (PU foam of high density greater than 40 Kg/m3 with  Water-proof, anti-microbial and flame resistant PVC rexine covering.

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