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SIS 2000 EH

SIS 2000 EH

ICU Electric Bed HI-END


  • Advance linear actuator system [04 pcs motor,01 pc control box,01 pcs handset]
  • Four pieces individual imported Butterfly side railings, ABS Moulded.
  • Instant CPR release Degree show function at bed rail.
  • Imported ABS moulded head and foot panel with locking and corner buffer.
  • Framework made-up of M.S. tubes.
  • 4 section top made-up of oval perforated CRCA M.S. sheet.
  • Bed mounted on 5” Imported castors (Made in Taiwan), with central locking system.
  • S.S. telescopic I.V. rod with 4 locations.
  • Holder for urine bag.
  • Sitting position adjustable.
  • Finish: pretreated & epoxy powder coated.
  • Overall approx. Size: 82L X 36W X 18-27H inch
  • Five Positions obtained by hand remote
  • Optional:

             • Manual CPR with symbol.

             • ICU Bed Mattress

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