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SIS 2002A

SIS 2002A

Fowler Bed 


  • Overall Size: 2090mm L X 920mm W X 600mm H.
  • Overall Size Buffer to Buffer: 2140mm L x 970mm W x 600mm H.
  • Bed Platform frame size: 2070mm L X 910mm W.
  • Mattress Platform Size: 1970mm L X 790mm W.
  • Buffer to Handle Length: 2275mm
  • Height: 600mm, Fixed.
  • Four section 1.2mm CRCA M.S perforated sheet top for easy breathing of mattress.
  • Backrest section is welded with MS CRCA tube of 25.4mm diameter and 1.6mm thickness.
  • Leg Section is welded with MS CRCA tube of 25.4mm diameter and 1.6mm thickness for support.
  • The size of perforated hole are 21 mm diameter.
  • Screw mechanism welded with ERW MS tube 31.75mm X 1.2mm M.S. cover made from dia 38.10mm X 1.6mm ERW tube.
  • Manual adjustments: Backrest, knee rest through two screw systems with thrust bearings individually maneuvered by a single handle.
  • M.S. tubular parts, linkages, flats are to be In-house, pre-treated and Epoxy powder coated.
  • Patient Working Load: 110 kg.
  • Safe Working Load: 150 kg.
  • All corners rounded off with no sharp corners and holes burr free.
  • Bed frame of rectangular base made from 60mm X 30mm X 1.6mm Thick ERW tube for proper support.
  • This frame is fitted on H leg made from ERW tubes of diameter 31.75mm X 1.2mm thick and diameter 25.4mm X 1.2mm thick.
  • MS sheet thickness are 3.0mm.
  • The bottom ends of the H legs are provided with castors with diagonally locking system.
  • The bed has head & foot panels detachable by hand without need of any tool.
  • Pre-laminated MDF board and mounted with SS 304 round bracket size 50mm OD X 48mm ID made from ABS.
  • There are four locations on the bed platform to hold stainless steel Telescopic Saline rod having 1.2mm thick stainless steel outer covering tube with a knob to mount syringe pump.
  • Back Rest: Overall: 785mm L X 795mm W.
  • Only Section: 720mm L X 795mm W.
  • Knee Rest: Overall: 470mm L X 820mm W.
  • Only Section: 380mm L X 795mm W.
  • Leg Rest: Overall: 610mm L X 795mm W.
  • Only Section: 610mm L X 795mm W.
  • Fix Section Overall: 200mm L X 820mm W.
  • Raised Backrest Angle: 60 to 65 degree.
  • Raised Knee rest Angle: 40 to 45 degree.
  • Back Rest: min 45% of the frame length.


  • Collapsible railing.
  • H’ Type legs with 910mm W & 450mm Height: 5” dia High Grade Synthetic Body Castors, two with brake, two w/o brake.
  • Telescopic I.V. Pole with 4 hooks.
  • Urine Bag Holder.
  • Chart holder MS made.
  • Provided with four section 4” thick PU Foam of 40 density covered PVC.
  • The Back Rest size is 760mm L X 865mm W X 100mm T,
  • Fix section size is 180mm LX 865mm W X 100mm T,
  • Knee Rest size is 416mm L X 865mm W X 100mm T
  • Leg Rest size is 620mm L X 865mm W X 100mm T.
  • Mattress cover are water resistant and fire retardant.

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