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SIS 2003A

SIS 2003A

Semi Fowler Bed Manual


  • Type of bed -Semi fowler.
  • Number of bed platform sections -2.
  • Back rest section.
  • Leg section linkage welded with MS CRCA tube.
  • Backrest section linkage welded with MS CRCA tube.
  • Manual adjustments- Backrest through two screw systems with thrust bearings individually maneuvered by handle for semi fowler bed.
  • Back rest - min 45 % of the frame length.
  • The bed has head & foot panels detachable by hand without need of any tool.
  • Screw mechanism welded with ERW MS tube in M.S. cover made from ERW tube.
  • Material of handle are made with MS.
  • Provision of castors- H' Type Legs with 600 mm Height with 125 mm dia High Grade Synthetic Body Castors, two with brake, two w/o brake.
  • Number of hooks in IV Pole -2.
  • Number of sections in mattress -2.
  • Have Provision of collapsible Railing.
  • Finishing & workmanship of high standard.
  • All corners rounded off with no sharp corners and holes are burr free.
  • Saline rod provision have four locations on the bed platform to hold stainless steel Telescopic Saline rod 12mm dia with 15.87 mm dia x 1.2 mm stainless steel.
  • Provision for mounting of syringe pump  have outer covering tube with a knob to mount syringe pump.

Material And Dimensional Parameters:

  • Size of Buffer: 100mm.
  • Overall Length of bed: 2050mm.
  • Overall width of bed: 900mm.
  • Bed Platform frame: 2070 mm L x 910 mm W.
  • Mattress Platform size: 1970 mm L x 790mm W.
  • Overall length of Back Rest: 775mm.
  • Overall width of Back Rest: 750mm
  • Overall length of Fix Section: 150mm.
  • Raised backrest angle: 65 degree.
  • Dimensions for Fitting of frame with ERW tubes diameter 31.75 mm x 1.2 mm thick and diameter 22.22 mm x 1.2mm thick and MS sheet having thickness 3.0 mm.
  • Diameter of Four corner rubber buffers: 75mm.
  • Diameter of MS tubular: 30mm.
  • Diameter of SS Laminated: 30mm.
  • Material of head and foot panels: SS.
  • Colour of mattress cover: Blue.
  • Thickness of PU foam of mattress: 4 inch.
  • Density of PU foam of mattress: 40.
  • Bed frame tube size: 60mm x 30mm x 1.6mm.
  • Material of collapsing railing- MS.
  • Manual collapsing railing on both side.
  • Patient Working Load: 135kg.

Operational Requirement:

  • Pre-treated & Epoxy powder coated.
  • Both side rails are collapsible.
  • Provided with SS 304 grade IV rod along with the bed

Accessories & Mattress:

  • MS Powder coated urine Bag Holder - 1no.
  • Saline Stand- 1no.
  • Chart holder is MS made.
  • Mattress Platform Surface thickness: 1.2mm.
  • Two section mattresses with  4” thick PU foam of minimum 40 density covered with PVC.
  • It is made of waterproof, breathable fabric separated by zip on three sides with lower cover part made of Rexene. Mattress cover fire resistant and resist liquid ingression.

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