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SIS 2045

SIS 2045

Invalid Wheelchair


  1. Product size (L*W*H): 80*55*105/163cm
  2. Folded size (L*W*H): 105*55*28cm
  3. Packing size(L*W*H): 111*60*30cm
  4. Load limit: 200kg
  5. N.W.: 30kg
  6. G.W.: 45kg
  7. Height adjust: 105cm to 163cm with three height position adjustment
  8. Overall depth: 104cm
  9. Overall width: 46cm
  10. Seat dimension: width 40cm* depth 50cm height from floor 50cm
  11. Foot rest dimension: width 38cm*depth 20cm* height from floor 18cm
  12. Motor output power: 120w
  13. Motor output voltage: 20-29.4v
  14. Motor adaptable voltage: 110-240v
  15. Motor current: 13.9A
  16. Battery voltage: 24v
  17. Service life: 3-5 years
  18. The track angle: The track angle after back rest with three position adjustment, suitable for different floors.

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