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SIS 2010

SIS 2010

Patient Stretcher Trolley


  • Overall Size: 1905mm L x 710mm W x 660mm To 910 mm H.
  • Stretcher dimension: 1830 mm L x 555 mm W.
  • Material of Stretcher Trolley made up of Stainless Steel.
  • Material of handle made up of Stainless Steel.
  • Provision of Saline rod.
  • Provision of storage tray.
  • Provision of height adjustment of saline stand rod.
  • Provision of back height adjustment.
  • Provision of Oxygen cylinder arrangement.
  • Provision of safety belts.
  • Number of castor- 4.
  • Diameter of castor- 125mm.
  • Number of Lockable castor- 2.
  • Load carrying capacity- 135 kg.
  • Polish on all Stainless Steel parts with Matt polish.
  • Transfer board type safety side rails with double lock mechanism.
  • Material of Castor housing and wheels are High grade.
  • Non floor-staining synthetic materials with integrated thread guards.
  • All corners are rounded off so that there shall be no sharp corners and holes with burr free.
  • Wheel center having precision ball bearing to run smoothly.
  • Mattress provided with size 2 inch thickness PU foam which can be fixed to the trolley by Valero similar mechanism.
  • SS 304 steel grade certified product.

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