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SIS 2015

SIS 2015

Laparoscopy Trolley


  1. Overall approx. size 31L x 23W x 55H
  2. Suitable for keeping monitor, light source, camera unit, VCR, printer, stabilizer etc.
  3. Five M.S shelves
  4. Other four shelves with SS rails which can be adjusted at desire height in between top shelf and drawer.
  5. MS drawer at bottom
  6. M.S base fitted with four swivel castors, 125 mm dia: two with brake
  7. The trolley is provided with a socket to receive 5/15 Amp -230 V A/C 3-pin plugs. Two inputs each with safety fuse and switch one exclusive for one output and other with 6 output connections. Each output has "power ON/OFF" switch
  8. Trolley has two S.S handles, S.S IV rod and gas cylinder cage
  9. Cylinder cage in the rear
  10. Finish: Pre-treated & Epoxy powder coated

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