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Portable Emergency Ventilator Neon-ev10

Portable Emergency Ventilator Neon-ev10

Portable ventilator CWH2010 supports reliable performance in daily challenge of saving peoples lives, no matter where the calls take you. he CWH2010 delivery the emergency transport with multi functional usage to the patients wherever requires the emergency a helps. parameters set in one step makes every single process in easy way.

Technique Specifications

Operating Panel: English (Standard)

Drive: Gas driven

Operating: Electronically controlled

Application: Applied for child and adult. Used for respiratory depression, respiratory paralysis and failure of emergency rescue. Available in vehicle or portable stretcher.

Display: LCD

Gas source: Pure air or Oxygen

Ventilation mode: IPPV, SIMV, A/C, SIGH, MANUAL, CPAP (optional)

Tidal volume: 0-1500ml


Breathing rate: 4-99/min, 4-65/min under SIMV


Pressure trigger sensitivity:-2-0kPa, PEEP 0-20cmH20 (optional)

Monitoring Parameters: Tidal volume, Minute volume, Breathing rate, Airway pressure

Alarms: No VT, MV too high (low), Airway pressure too high (low), AC power off,

back-up battery too low, audio alarms or prompt hints

Power: Battery, AC Power

AC 220V/50Hz

Battery: 2 hours

Basic configuration requirement: Main body 1 Unit Oxygen cylinder 3L 1 Unit. Silicon mask circult for medical use 1Piece other accessories used to insure the basic operating.

Net Weight: 3.5Kg

Dimensions: 310mm x 190mm x 115mm (LxHxW)

Reserve Condition: Temperature: -10-40degree, Relative humidity<90% Working condition: Temperature 5-40 degree Relative humidity< 80%

User manual: English (standard)


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