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Bubble C-PAP

Bubble C-PAP

Continues Positive Airway Pressure

Bubble CPAP unit is full featured NICU equipment to meet neonatal critical care requirements for New-born baby those with spontaneous breathing infants requiring respiratory support. Neokraft NeoPAP 505 is a complete system providing perfect delivery of FIO2 with inbuilt Air / Oxygen Blender, Bubble generator with pressure manifold, heated breathing circuit and inbuilt medical grade Air compressor.

Servo Humidifier Compatible for neonate to adult patients with Invasive & Non-invasive modes.

Blender Compact and unique Air / Oxygen blender to maintain perfect FIO2 from 21% to 100%. Oxygen flow directly can be connected to central pipe line or through flow meter regulator easy to use

Air Compressor Low Noise Medical grade oil free low pressure Air compressor with bacteria filter, Maximum flow 15L/minute, High pressure relief value protection with constant air flow to the blender

Bubble Generator CPAP Bubble generator with adjustable CPAP from 3 to 10 cmH2O, water chamber ease to fill and remove mounted on side of the stand

*Accessories shown in the image may not be part of the standard equipment

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