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Bubble CPAP

Bubble CPAP

Bubble C-Pap With Compressure

UMDNS name and code : "Positive Airway Pressure Units, Continuous [11-001] Positive Airway Pressure Units

Scope of item: Non invasive resp. support (CPAP) for Newborn infant

Clinical application: CPAP units deliver air or a mixture of air and oxygen (O2) at high flow rates through tubing to a nasal or oral-nasal mask which is affixed to the patient's face

Modes :Bubble CPAP

Type of delivery system: Under water bubble system

Type of Technology:  Compressor

CPAP volume: 1 to 10 cmH2O

Increments of variations in CPAP:  1 cm

Air oxygen blender : In built

FiO2 with tolerance (+/- 2 %): 21% to 100% (+/- 2 %)

Flow range: 0 -30 L/min

Humidifier: Heated wire servo controlled humidifier

Display of temperature:  Near patient end of the circuit

Water chamber:  1 numbers Reusable water chamber

Heated wire silicone tubing circuit for infant/Newborn:  1 numbers Reusable Silicon

Pressure release valve: 15cmH2O to 17cmH2O

Weight in kg: 30 kg

Noise level in dB: 65

Alarms: Humidifier Audio alarm

Alarm sound level in dB: 65

Patient Interface: Nasal Prongs

Air and O2 hose length > 3 m

Power Supply 230 V, 50 Hz, Single phase

Standards ISO 13485:2016

Conformity to electrical safety standards: IEC 60601-1-2:2007, IEC 60601-1-8- 2006: IEC 60601-1

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