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SIS 5200

SIS 5200

Infant Warmer


  • Size: 35W x 430 x 73H Inch.
  • Mattress Size: 27 x 20 x 1.5 Inch


  1. Heater: 900 on both sides
  2. Heater Rotation: parabolic refector
  3. Observation Lamp: 50W hazzle free halogen lamp
  4. Monitor Tray: ABS plastic molded
  5.  Side Panels: unbreakable polycarbonate drop down
  6. Wheels: strong castor wheels with 2 brake
  7. Mattress: waterproof, washable, flame resistant
  8. Mattress Foam Density: 21-25 kg/m3
  9. IV Pole: adjustable height with two poles
  10. Infusion Pump Stand: stainless steel rod
  11. Temperature Sensor: thermistor based NTE sensors with high resolution
  • Temperature Control.
  • Alarms.

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