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Pulse Lavage System 9000 PL

Pulse Lavage System 9000 PL


  • Irrigation pressure can be electronically controlled.
  • Easy loading of tubes in the machine
  • Autoclavable and reusable tubes of medical grade silicon
  • Complete sterility of system is maintained
  • Foot control operated
  • Fully Stainless steel unit for long life
  • Efficient peristaltic pump
  • Simple on/off switch
  • Three types of irrigation possible
  • Single stream tip For wider stream & general irrigation
  • Side hole cannula for canal wash
  • Multiple bottles with constant force
  • In built voltage control rectifier
  • Inbuilt safety fuse
  • Power supply 230V (AC)/50Mz +_10%
  • Dimensions: 190 (1) x 230 (w) x 190mm (h)
  • Weight: 6.5 Kg. Approx

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