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Unus-7 Wall Mounted

Unus-7 Wall Mounted

Unus-7 Wall Mounted

Technical Data

No. of LED beads: 7

IL luminance (Lux): 25000-30000 LUX

Mains voltage: 220V/50Hz

Input power (VA): 400

Lowest/optimum installation height: Ss pipe with modular base

Focus diameter: 120 mm

Color temperature: 4300k

Light weight: 4kg

Brightness Adjustable: Regulator

Light temperature: Below 2 degree

Dome diameter: 90 mm


Configuration List

LED lamp group OSRAM (Germany): 1set

Switching power supply assembly: 1 set

Shield: 1 set

Tools provided with lamp: 1 set

Product Certificate/Warranty Card: 1 set

Instructions for Use: 1 set

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