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BC 5130

BC 5130

Auto Hematology Analyzer


Technical Specifications


Impedance method for RBC and PLT counting

Cyanide free reagent for hemoglobin test

Flow Cytometry (FCM)+ Tri-angle laser scatter + Chemical dye method for WBC 5-part differential analysis and WBC counting


25 reportable parameters: WBC, Lyms, Mons, Neu%, Bass, Eoss Lyme, Mon, Neu Eos Bas RBC HG8 HCT MCV, MCH, MCHC RDW-CV, ROW SD. PLT, MPV, POW, PCT, P-LOR, PLCC 10 Research parameters include LICS, LIC ALYS, ALY, PLT Clumpo, PLT Clumps, Lip Lip%, NRBC, NRBC% 3 histograms for WBC. RBC and PLT 3 scattergrams for WBC differential

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