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Renomed BI-PAP is a non invasive ventilation device which augments patient breathing by suppling pressurized air through a breathing circuit. It senses the patient breathing behaviours by monitoring air flow in the breathing circuit and adjusts its output to assist in inhalation and exhalation. this therapy is known as Bl-lavel ventilation Bi-level intimation provides a higher pressure, known as IPAP( Inspiratory positive airway pressure) When you inhale and a lower pressure known as EPAP(Expiratory positive airway pressure), when you exhale. The higher pressure makes it easier to you to inhale, and the lower pressure makes it easier for you to exhale.

Though these are the part of the devices only but we have to fit two components to the deviceto make it functional-

  • Patient tube
  • Full face musk (non-vented)(a vented mask should be used if there is no other leak port in the breathing circuit).
  • Air outlet port-connect the vented tube here.
  • DC power socket-connect the power code here 24V/5Amp
  • Mask- Mask needs to be place on the face of the patient in such a way that it covers the nose of the patient.
  • Front & Back view air filter The reusable filter screens out normal household dust and pollens.
  • Humidifier This machine comes with a detachable Humidifier. By warming and moistening the air you're, breathing humidifuica- tion reduces dry nose and throat using a humidifier can improve comfort.
  • Front face of the BI-PAP has two buttons
  • The first button (on the left side)is meant for the BI-PAP Machine
  • Second button (on the right side) is a rotary switch for the operating the settings of the machine.
  • At the rear of the BI-PAP there is one Air outlet Port which is to be connected to the Vented Tube for completing the breating circuit.
  • Below the air outlet port there is a DC power socket which needs to be connected to the Power connector of the adaptor provided with the machine.

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