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C/W - 300G

C/W - 300G

3 Channel Ecg Reno Three



2.8 LCD

High-resolution thermal printer achieves real-time print of ECG waveform and report.

Power supply :AC/DC, built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

Paper speed:,25,50mm/s±5%

Paper size:80mm(W) x 20 m (L)

Dimension:315 mm (L) x215mm (w) x 77 mm (H)

Sync collection for 12-lead ECG, adopt digital signal processing technology and get high-quality ECG waveform via power frequency filter, baseline, filter and EMG filter of ECGsignal

Display of 1/3/6/12-lead ECG, print mode sensitivity, paper speed and filter state.etc.on one screen convenient for contrastively diagnosing.

Multiply printing modes and formats, including manual, auto 4x3 auto 3x4+1, auto 3x4 auto 2x6+1 auto 2x6 etc waveform length printed can be adjusted, and with time print function which meets different requirments.

Built-in memory stores 15 cases which is convenient for doctor to review case and statistic Multi language(Chinese, English) interface and report.

Optional ECG-Sync software connect with PC by USB 2.0 interface to form a ECG workstation import real-time data to the software for report printing, old cases stored in electrocardiograph can be uploaded to PC.

Wider in input dynamic range, higher in CMRR and polarizing voltage longer in standby time.


E3M Technical parameters Performance

AC: 100V~240V(50/60Hz)

DC: 7.4V/5000mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Degree of protection against ingress of liquid: IPXO

Working mode: continuous working.

Input way: Floating and defibrillation protection

Lead: Standard 12 leads

Patient leakage current: <10µA

Input impedance: ≥100M2(1Hz)

Frequency response:0.01~150 Hz(-3 dB)

Time constant: ≥3.2s

CMRR: 123 dB

Filter: power frequency (AC50/60 Hz), myoelectricity (25 Hz/35 Hz (-3 dB)), baseline drift filter

Recording way: Thermal printing system Specification of recording paper: 80 mm(W) x 20 m(L) high-speed thermal paper

Time base selection(paper speed): 6.25 mm/s, 12.5 mm/s, 25 mm/s, 50 mm/s, error: ±5%

Gain control(sensitivity): 2.5, 5, 10, 20 mm/mV, accuracy is ±2%; Standard sensitivity: 10 mm/mV±0.2 mm/mV

Auto record: record setup according to auto record format and mode, automatically change leads, automatically measure and analyze.

Rhythm record: record setup according to rhythm record format and mode, automatically measure and analyze.

Manual record: record according to manual record format.

Measurement parameters: HR, P-R interval, P Duration, QRS Duration, T Duration, Q-T interval, Q-TC, P Axis, QRS Axis, T Axis, R(V5) amplitude, S(V1) amplitude, R(VS)+S(V1) amplitude

Product safety type: Class I type CF defibrillation-proof applied part

Polarization resistance voltage: 950mV

Noise level: ≤ 12 µVp-p

ECG signal input sampling frequency: 32 kHz

Waveform data processing sampling frequency: 1 kHz

Sampling precision: 24-bit

The minimum detection signal: 10 Hz, 20 µV(peak-peak value) deflected sinusoidal signal can be

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