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Hand Held ETCO2

Hand Held ETCO2

Main Features

Compact, small, light, portable and easy to operate.

3.5 inch high-resolution LCD display

Intelligent parameter monitoring interface

Audia and Visual alarms

Up to 20 hours patients' trend data in storge, easy to recall.

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 10-hour continuous working capability

Battery capability indication.

Automatically power-off.

Patients' trend data can be transmitted to a PC for displaying, reserving and printing.

Applicable to adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.



1. Sp02

Measurement range: 0%-100% Accuracy: 42% (70%-100%),0%-69%

Unspecified Resolution: 1%

2. PR

Measurement range: 18bpm-300bpm

Accuracy: Elbpm

Resolution: 1bpm




Channel: 1 Input: Body surface ther-mal-sensitive resistor temperature sensor

Resolution: 0.100

Measurement Range: DoC-500C


Mode: Audio and visal alarms

Setup: User-adjustable high and low limits

Storage and Review: 20-hour Sp02/PR/TEMP trend data with corresponding date and time

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