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Infusion Pump Monitor

Infusion Pump Monitor

  • 3.5 inch LCD screen for clear vision within 5 meters
  • Special designed extension line grip
  • One-button night mode design for patient's more comfortable rest at night
  • Compatible with different brands of 5,10,20/30,50/60 ml syringes
  • Free stacking of single syringe pumps for easy space stations in ICU, NICU, OT etc

Infusion Pump Specifications

Infusion Principle: Fingertip Peristaltic Pump

LV.Set Compatibility: Open System, mach all brands of qualified PVC, TPE I.V.sets with external diameter of 3.8mm-4.2mm

Range of Flow Rate: 0.1-1200m1/h

Infusion Mode: Rate, Rate-Time, Rate-Volume, Time-Volume, Drop-Volume, Drop-Time, Body Weight

Drug Library: 20 drug list with drug code display

Purge/Bolus Rate: 1-1200m1/h, defalut 800m1/h, step by imi/h

Single Bolus Volume: 1.0-10m1 Adjustable, default 3 mi

Time Preset: 00:01-99: 59 (Hour: Min)

Volume Range: 1-9999ml

Drop Range: 1-400d/min, step by 1 drop

Accuracy: ±5%

Total Volume Infused: 0-9999 ml

Occlusion Pressure:

High: 40 KPa±20KPa

Middle: 60 KPa-20KPa

Low: 100KPa±20KPa

Air in line Detection: Ultrasonic wave

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