Product Details

Reno 7

Reno 7

Product Details

General features

Suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients

7 segment led for systolic/diastolic spo2 & pulse rate

2.8 high resolution tft lcd display for waveforms, bar graphic, trend and system menu

Up to 2000 patient data storage for nibp and spo2 data (48 hours trend)

High brightness led display of spo2-pulse rate and nibp

USB port available to transfer the data to pc

Battery backup approx.3 to 4 hours

Compact & portable, allowing for uninterrupted monitoring with build-in battery


Technical specifications

Spo2 measurement range: 0-100%

Accuracy. +2% for 70-100% (0-69%-unspecified)

Alarm range: 0-100%

Pulse rate

Measurement range: 30-250

BPM Accuracy: +2%

NIBP method: oscillometricoperation

mode: manual/automatic/continuous

Measurement range: 10-270 mmhg

Auto measure time: 1-255 min adjustable, with interval of 5 min

Alarm for high and low systolic and diastolic blood pressure

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