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SIS 2026B

SIS 2026B



  • Housing: Power Coated Anti Corrosive MS.
  • Jars: Polycarbonate 2 x 2.0 liters capacity.
  • Overflow Protection: Mechanical Type.
  • Tubing: Non-Collapsible suction tubing. Vacuum Gauge: 2.0inch, 0-760 mm Hg.
  • Filter: Bacterial filter Autoclavable / Reusable.
  • Pump Type: Oil free twin headed piston pump
  • Capacity: -730mmHg 10 at 55~60LPM
  • Noise Level: <50dB A3 Almost whispers.
  • Motor: Thermally Protected.
  • Power: 220/230V AC, 50Hz, 180W
  • Valves: Stainless Steel.

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