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USG Color Doppler Machine  

Incorporating innovative technologies, P20's user-friendly designed with a simple operation panel, intuitive user interface and a variety of intelligent auxiliary scanning tools, will significantly improve your daily examination experience. Beside general imaging applications, P20 has been entitled with diagnostic 4D technology which has an extraordinary performance in obstetrics and gynecology applications

Value and Significance

Super Wide-bandwidth Platform

Inheriting Wi-sano's ultra-wide system platform and with the advanced probe technology, high-resolution and deep penetration images are provided for precision medicine.

Spatial Compound Imaging

Spatial Compound imaging utilizes several lines of sight for optimal contrast resolution, speckle reduction and border detection, with which P20 is ideal for superficial and abdominal imaging with better clarity and improved continuity of structures.


The new generation p-Scan imaging technology gives you better image quality by reducing noise, improving signal strength and improving visualization.

Dynamic Color

Dynamic color improves upon already existing color Doppler technologies for a clearer capture of color flow and detailed visualization of even tiny veins with lower velocities

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