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BP and etco2 Module

BP and etco2 Module

IBP (Invasive Blood Pressure)

  • Measure Range
  • Measure in single or dual
  1.   ART-0-40 Кра)
  2.   PA-0,8-16 Кра)
  3.   CVP/RAP/LAP/ICP-1.3-5.3 Kpa)
  4.   P1-P2-1.3 - 40 Кра)
  • Zero Calibration: Every time, Periodic Calibration or the time when using the new sensor
  • Sensitivity: 5V/V/mmHg
  • Parameters: ART (Arterial Blood Pressure), PA (Pulmonary Arterial Pres sure), CVP (Center Venous Pressure), RAP (Right Atrial Pressure), LAP (Left Atrial Pressure), ICP (Intracranium Pressure), P1-P2 Expand Pressure
  • Accuracy: +2% or 1 mmHg

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